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City Clerk


Lucy Mallonee, City Clerk/HR Director

Jana Sousa, Assistant City Clerk/HR Analyst

Sara Blevins, Admin. Clerk I/Deputy City Clerk

We are located at:
Los Banos City Hall
520 J Street
Los Banos, CA 93635
Ph: (209) 827-7000
Fax: (209) 827-7010

The City Clerk’s duties include assisting with the professional leadership in the management of the City and execution of City Council policies; to provide effective municipal services through the coordination and direction of all City activities, finances and personnel. The City Clerk acts as liaison between the both City and the City Council and other governmental agencies, citizens, business and community groups and the media; and also provides administrative support to the City Council and City departments in matters relating to maintenance of City Council records, elections and personnel.

The City Clerk is an elected position responsible for the following:

  • Recording the minutes for the City Council of the City of Los Banos
  • Ensuring agenda posting and public hearing notification and publication of all legal notices pertaining to the City Council
  • Processing resolutions and ordinances
  • Updating and maintaining the Los Banos Municipal Code and rosters for Boards and Commissions
  • Administering oaths of office
  • Liability and claims processing
  • Supervising the conduct of city elections
  • Campaign and statement of economic interest reporting, and
  • Acting as the custodian of records for the City.


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