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Parks & Recreation Division


City of Los Banos Parks & Recreation Division





Youth and Adult Programs



  • Los Banos Code of Conduct Information
  • All Programs are subject to change.
  • Youth Sports:
    • Jr. Warriors Winter Basketball, Spring Tee-Ball, Spring Youth Soccer, Spring 49ers Prep Flag Football, Summer Basketball, Fall Soccer, Fall Volleyball
    • PAL Sports: PAL Softball, PAL Flag Football, Junior Giants Baseball: Link
    • Los Banos Little League
  • Youth Classes:
    • Indoor Soccer, Aikido, Karate, Yoga for Kids, Youth Pickleball, 3 v. 3 Basketball Tournament, Champion Youth Hip Hop Dance, Piece of Cake Class, MCOE Play Group: Caring for Kids, Arts classes, 4-H After School Programs and Camps, Pulse Teen Group, Science Tellers Interactive Events
  • Adult Classes:
    • Dance Classes, Yoga Classes, Zumba Class, Weight Watchers, Adult 3 v. 3 Basketball Tournament
  • Adult Sports:
    • Adult Soccer, Adult Softball
  • Open Gym Basketball at the Community Center
  • Open Gym Pickleball at the Community Center

Community Events



  • All programs are subject to change.
  • Events:
    • Arbor Day: Typically held the first Friday of March, Arbor Day celebrates trees in Los Banos. The event is rotated annually and serves to commemorate Los Banos’ membership as a Tree City USA member.
    • Egg Hunt in the Park: The inaugural Egg Hunt will be held at Oliveira Park in Spring 2022.
    • Earth Day: The inaugural Earth Day will be held in Spring 2022.
    • Movies in the Park: Movies Nights in the Park will continue in Summer 2022.
    • Summer Party in the Park: The inaugural Summer Party in the Park will be held in Summer 2022.
    • Fall Party in the Park: The second annual Fall Party in the Park will be held in Fall 2021. Enjoy activities such as bounce houses, spooky maze, and pumpkin painting.
    • National Night Out: This annual event held in Downtown Los Banos is hosted by the Los Banos Police Department. Enjoy taco trucks and fun games while connecting our community with the Los Banos Police Department.
    • Future Dog Park Events: Our first Dog Park has been constructed! Enjoy future events in 2021.
    • Salute to Seniors: Salute to Seniors is typically held on the last Friday of September at the Los Banos Community Center. The event celebrates seniors in our community.
    • Breakfast with Santa: Held on the first Saturday of December this event offers a chance to meet Santa, enjoy pancakes, create crafts and play fun games!
    • Please also see: Los Banos Chamber of Commerce, Los Banos Arts Council, Los Banos Downtown Association, Friends of the Library, Merced County and other community leaders for regular events such as: Spring and Fall Street Fair, Tomato Festival, Christmas Parade, Veterans Day Parade, Farm to Table, May Day Fair, Library Arts Fundraiser, Dad’s Night Out, Mother’s Day in the Park, Farmers Market


Senior Services

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  • All programs are subject to change
  • Classes and Resources:
    • Senior Lunch Program
    • Senior Walking Class: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 8:30-9:15am. This is a great opportunity to get some low impact exercise and visit with new and old friends.
    • Tai Chi 24 Movements: Monday and Wednesday at 9:15-10:15am. This class builds strength and balance through low impact exercise. Cost: $5.00/month.
    • Golden Age Club: This is a senior club for anyone 50 years and up. Yearly dues are $8.00 which includes a monthly newsletter. They meet for monthly business meetings, dinners and travel together. For more information, please call 827-7033.
    • Arts & Crafts & Quilting: These classes are on Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the Los Banos Community Center. Bring your own project or work together on a class project.
    • Macho: Macho, a game like Bingo played with cards, is on Tuesdays from 12:30-2:30pm at the Los Banos Community Center.
    • BINGO: Senior Bingo is every Thursday from 12:30-2:30pm at the Los Banos Community Center. You are welcome to bring snacks and prizes. Each card is 25 cents and all monies are paid back that day. Must be over 18 years old to attend.
    • Cards: Card games are played on Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00pm in the Lounge located at the Los Banos Community Center.
    • HICAP: HICAP Services (Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program) are available at the Los Banos Community Center. For appointments and questions call 385-7550 or (800)434-0222.
    • Legal Services: An attorney from Central CA Legal Services is available one day a month at the Los Banos Community Center. Simple wills, healthcare directives, etc. are free to seniors 60 and over. For appointment and questions call (209)723-5466.
  • Events:
    • Salute to Seniors: Salute to Seniors is typically held on the last Friday of September at the Los Banos Community Center. The event celebrates seniors in our community.

Rentals & Facilities




City Trees


  • Tree Care Information
  • Tree Maintenance Work Permit
    • Fax to: (209) 827-7037
    • Email to:
    • Drop-off to: Madison Corp Yard (411 Madison Ave.) or the Los Banos Community Center (645 7th St.)
  • How to Prune Young Shade Trees:
    • What you do to your tree in the first few years of its life will affect its shape, strength, and even its life span. After selecting the right tree for the site and carefully planting it, early pruning is the most important thing you can do for a young tree. Proper pruning will save you money and give you safer, more beautiful, healthier, and easier-to-maintain trees.
  • The Right Tree for the Right Place:
    • Trees provide many benefits – shade, beauty, windbreak, privacy, cleaner air, less noise, less glare, and higher property values, to name a few. But the key to these benefits is to select the right tree and plant it in the right place. This not only assures a lifetime of satisfaction, but it also keeps maintenance costs low. Select tree species that will fill a particular role or function in your landscape. Then, plant them in the right places that will enable them to fill those functions.
  • Don’t Top Trees!
    • Never cut main branches back to stubs. The sight of topped trees is all too common in the communities and along the roadways of America – trunks with stubby limbs standing naked in the landscape, trees stripped of all dignity and grace. Trees are often topped because they grow into utility wires, interfere with views or solar collectors, or simply grow so large that they worry the landowner. But, as one arborist has said, “Topping is the absolute worst thing you can do for the health of your tree”.
  • How to Select & Plant a Tree:
    • Knowing what to look for in selecting trees at the nursery will give you trees that have the best possible chance to survive and grow. And planting, done with care and some knowledge of trees and their needs, will help your trees grow more rapidly and live at least twice as long as improperly planted trees.
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How Measure H Supports Parks and Recreation


  • In Fall 2018, City of Los Banos voters passed Measure H. Measure H provides funding for the City of Los Banos’ Police Department, Fire Department and Parks and Recreation Division. Please read more how Measure H has supported Parks and Recreation: Here

Contact Us


  • Los Banos Parks and Recreation Division Contact Information:
    • Address: Los Banos Community Center, 645 7th St. Los Banos, Ca 93635 (Closed due to COVID-19 Restrictions)
    • Phone: (209) 827-7034 ex. 10 or 11
    • Email: ParksandRecreation@LosBanos.Org
    • Staff: Joe Heim, Parks and Recreation Operations Manager, Joe.Heim@LosBanos.Org
  • Become an Instructor! Teach a Class with Los Banos Recreation!
  • Los Banos Parks and Recreation Commission & Tree Commission
  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    • For volunteer opportunities with Parks and Recreation, please contact Joe Heim, Joe.Heim@LosBanos.Org
      • If your group would like to support Parks and Recreation by painting a fence, please contact Joe.Heim@LosBanos.Org.
      • If you would like to become a Volunteer Youth Coach or assist with Recreation Event please contact the Los Banos Community Center, a background check is required.
    • Los Banos Police Department: “Adopt-a-Wall” Community Graffiti Abatement Program Information
  • Report a Problem:
    • Contact the Los Banos Parks and Recreation Division at the Community Center during business hours – 8:00am to 5:00pm – (209) 827-7034 ex. 10 or 11
    • After hours calls for Service (water line breaks, storm water, waste water drainage, or related emergency calls): (209)-827-7070 ex. 0 – *non-emergency Police Department
  • Scholarships:
    • Scholarships are available for select Los Banos Recreation programming. Please contact with inquiries.
  • Sponsorship and Donations:
  • Hosting a Special Event at a Park:
  • Helpful Links:

Upcoming Projects and Master Plans