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Municipal Code

Municipal Code

Please Note: Clicking the link below will redirect you to a third party site that maintains the Los Banos Municipal Code; updates normally occur twice a year. Ordinances listed below have been adopted in 2017. If you would like a copy of an ordinance not listed, contact the City Clerk at

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What is an Ordinance?

An ordinance is: A law or an act of a city, municipality or local governmental agency. City Councils have authority to pass ordinances through Government Code (GC) Section 37100, as long as these ordinances do not conflict with the laws and Constitution of the State of California or of the United States of America. Enacting an ordinance is the most binding form of action a City Council can take. Violating an ordinance may be a misdemeanor unless an ordinance makes it an infraction (GC 36900). An Ordinance must be enacted by proper authorities and written in ordaining form.

The Los Banos Municipal Code consists of applicable ordinances (rules, regulations or standards); these are the City’s primary codes. Secondary codes include any other codes adopted by reference, e.g., building, fire safety and electrical codes. Adopting by reference means adopting a code that another agency such as the county or state has previously written and adopted.

Ordinances are codified into (become part of) the municipal code after the City Council’s second reading and adoption. Ordinances take effect 30 days after final passage unless they: relate to an election; are necessary for immediate preservation of public peace, health or safety; are related to street improvement proceedings; relate to taxes; or Are otherwise prescribed by law (GC 36937). Urgency ordinances are specifically used for emergency cases and can become effective immediately.

Ordinance 1163 Repealing and Amending in its Entirety Chapter 1 of Title 11 of the Los Banos Municipal Code Relating to Business Licenses

Ordinance 1162 Repealing and Amending in its Entirety Chapter 16 of Title 11 of the Los Banos Municipal Code Regulation of Massage Establishments and Services

Ordinance 1161 Adopting a Code Reorganization Relating to Business Regulation Adding a New Title 11 to the Los Banos Municipal Code and a Reorganization of Chapters, Articles, and Sections, and the Renumbering, of Certain Provisions of the Code

Ordinance 1160 Urgency Interim Ordinance Extending the Temporary Moratorium on Massage Establishments

Ordinance 1159 Urgency Interim Ordinance Establishing a Temporary Moratorium on Massage Establishments

Ordinance 1158 Amending Article 28 Chapter 3 to Title 9 of the Los Banos Municipal Code Relating to Signs

Ordinance 1157 Amending Section 9-3.4111 of Article 41 Chapter 3 to Title 9 of the Los Banos Municipal Code Relating to Special Events on Public Property

Ordinance 1156 Amending and Renumbering Chapter 2 of Title 10, of the Los Banos Municipal Code “City of Los Banos Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance” in its Entirety

Ordinance 1155 Approving a Development Agreement Between the City of Los Banos and Anderson Homes, a California Corporation for Development of Approximately 80.4 Acres Generally Located on the South of the Future Cardoza Road Extension, West of the Future Badger Flat Road Extension and North of Pioneer Road More Specifically Identified as Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 430-060-008, 430-060-016, 430-060-017, 430-060-018 [Dove Hollow Stonecreek VII]

Ordinance 1154 Amending the Official Zoning Map by Rezoning Property Located on Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 027-214-001, -002, -003, -004, -005, -006, and -007 from Professional Office (P-O) to Medium Density Residential (R-2)

Ordinance 1153 Repealing Chapter 1 of Title 6 of the Los Banos Municipal Code Entitled Animals and Enacting an Ordinance Entitled Animal Control, Regulation, and Protection

Ordinance 1152 Amending Article 35, of Title 9, Chapter 3 of the Los Banos Municipal Code to Regulate the Personal, Medical, and Commercial Use of Marijuana in the City of Los Banos